Operandi A14

Alpine payload paying homage to Process and Gorge.

  1. B changes and others


    -Changed a bunch of window textures
    -Other minor aesthetic tweaks

    -Added textures to BLU spawn for shits and giggles
    -Made Beacon slightly larger and added a bit of cover props inside
    -Added arrow signs under bridge that somewhat block passage underneath the bridge that lower on cap A (you'd have to be actively disobeying the signs to get past them)
    -Added window looking into B yard from bridge alcove

    -General geometry tweaks (less catwalks, more indoors with cleaner shapes and larger doorways)
    -Added large train gate that opens slowly, stalling the cart, that also opens several other doors on fully open
    -Star door is now one of the aforementioned on-gate-fully-open doors
    -New route from A alcove to high balcony in B building (also a gate door)

    -Added another door leading into the building containing the cart path into D that opens on cap C (there was no proper direct route into D following the cart path from the shortcut gate route)
    -Shortcut gate from A to C now clearly states that it opens on cap C (still a one-way on C side though)
    -Removed railing from diagonal ledge near the cap

    -Made windows from Alphabet (room connecting all 4 points w/ dropdown) open slightly to allow shots but not passage through them
    -Added see-through cover to left-most stairs near RED spawn to compensate for newly-opened windows

    20190712225831_1.jpg 20190712225930_1.jpg 20190712230340_1.jpg 20190712230002_1.jpg 20190712230205_1.jpg 20190712230048_1.jpg
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