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nesman B3

payload map

  1. Clippings & Doors

    Added clippings to detail areas
    Reworked wooden structures on last
    Added much more health/ammo on last
    Fixed one-way doors going from blu forward to red last point
  2. Minor Improvements

    Added one way gates around second point to stop red flanking from third cap.
    Clipping Fixes
    Added room on last
    Added ramp on last for spys
    Sort of removed some sightlines
  3. Beta

    Art passed for the most part.
  4. clippings

    -forgot to compile with clippings in a10... wops
    -clipped trees
    -adjusted supply lockers due to being able to see the wall when opened

    In theory I might be able to go to beta1 in the next update.
  5. fixed little things

    -fixed issue with cart getting stuck on last
    -textured areas where nodraw was still showing
    -added fence to reduce sight line from blu spawn to red first point
    -added barrier on last to reduce sight lines
    -optimized last
    -clipped areas that needed some clipping
  6. last is redone

    -recreated entire last section of map
    -added some frontline assets
    -experimenting with trees
  7. flank routes

    -added many open flank routes
    -adjusted where hp/ammo are and how much it is
    -added props for some sort of cover
    - I really dont want to add more of what I did it was a major update kind of
  8. little things

    -updated blue first spawn to allow cover so you cant get sniped when you first spawn
    -raised one door on blue first spawn to allow some height advantage
    -fixed red forward spawn so it is now completely disabled from working after blue has captured third (was an exploit before)
    -added some texture to nodraw areas that were missed before
  9. good amount of work

    -extended track from first point to second point
    -red now has a forward spawn till 2nd cap
    -added house to allow engineers a better chance at defending first
    -added doors to cut away flank routes till certain points are captured
    -increased setup time
    -added props and improved clippings
    -added small rollback zone before final point at last
  10. Third point and last again

    -added flank route to third point
    -edited last point a little
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