Nectar A7

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First release
Last update
Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Sightlines 4Weird

    last: - reduced width - added a shack in the centre of last - removed barrier on point lobby to second: - slightly changed platform with health/ammo on right route second: - added a barrier to block sightlines mid: - added barriers to block...
  2. A Quick-Fix

    lobby to mid: - changed left and middle route exits to mid - added shutter door to left route mid: - reduced total length by 512 hu - made stairs go higher on left route - reworked middle/left routes on mid - slightly moved medium health/ammo packs
  3. how the hell do you make lobbies???

    last: - reduced length by 256 hu - left route has been raised to the same height as right route - made building to bomb off of taller lobby to second: - reworked right route to shorten lobby - moved health/ammo on right route - increased health...