Nevada a6c

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Nevada a6c

Things are happening

Competitive king of the hill map, designed for 6s.

idk, it's just another koth map lol
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. Feel the burn

    Fixes so hot that I could melt Antarctica - added a ramp on the left side of the point and extended the patio area - redid the inside of main slightly - smoothed out a corner on the left route
  2. Touch ups

    Minor changes: - lengthened the barrier on batts - added two props on the point - added health and ammo in the left route - made the roofs of buildings higher, to allow soldiers to high bomb
  3. Hey look, a semi-functional lobby!

    - massive lobby rework: connected the right route with main reworked the design of the left route slightly connected the left route to upper removed dropdown :( created "patio" in main created a dropdown, from the balcony to main (above the...