Mvm_noname v1.06

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Map is working right now
+Robots how to cap the big gate now
+Made the map less laggy
*Updated POP files
+Added more areas in the map
*Redid sum ammo/health pickups
*Big gate is broken for now!
+Made a easy pop file
*Fixed sum bots nav's them jumping in sum spots and getting stuck
+Added more cover for Red's in spawn area
+Added more robot spawn's
*Redid sum textures
*Updated the nav file

If you want too get the BetterUpgrades.vpk too work you need to put it on your custom folder to get it to work Warning!!!! This dose NOT work on other servers or valve servers just your own server.
*Fixed bots getting in red spawn aka spy teleporting when spawned in!
*Add sumthing new in under red spawn Hinting my next map.
*Made Bots cant get stuck in spawn put a teleport box under the floor soo they cant get stuck in floor in spawn ubered and unkillable GG then.
*Added Skybox Still in works!
*Added more prop's in the main part of map
*redid sum sound's
*sumwhat made robots cap the gate Still in works!
*Added more ammo/health pickup's in the map
*Lower Health on scouts
*Starting Cash is higher now
*Fixed a small nav bug