MvM Atomgrad Final

A continuation of one of my favorite maps

  1. Quin
    Donhonk - Snowcat
    Alex "Rexy" kreeger - Chemical Containers, Forklift
    Snowycoast assets - EArkham
    Jukebox - Army Truck
    Heinous - M8A
    Rain, NassimO, Badgerpig - Armor Car
    Everyone who contributed for the "Construction" resource pack for certain models and textures
    BANG! - Watergate Dumpster and Invasion Floodlight
    Everyone who contributed to the "Oceanic" mapping pack for certain props and textures
    Aeon "Void" Bollig - Nuclear waste textures
    Woozlez - Art direction

    contributors -
    Hyperchaotix - Skybox
    Tacoman - Particles
    Wolvan - Navigation file creation and editing
    Quin - Map Creation, visual design
    Lamiiku and Savage is not Savage - Bot Missions and wave creation
    Sntr - Map Logic
    Languid - Giving me full owner rights to the map and creating the foundation of the map


    1. atomgrad_01.jpg
    2. atomgrad_02.jpg
    3. atomgrad_03.jpg
    4. atomgrad_04.jpg
    5. atomgrad_05.jpg

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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: Final
    I loved playing Atomgrad back in the day. Lot of open space and verticality with an outdoor spawn. I don't remember any bugs, but those are simple fixes to implement compared to the work it takes designing a whole map. It absolutely deserves a high rating from me.
  2. Jack5
    Version: RC5
    The download does not contain any missions, despite the Steam Workshop advertising that it does.