Multi Stage Munitions b2b

Multistage payload map set around a soviet munitions factory.

  1. a3


    -fixed blue spawn missing respawn room trigger and resvis
    -added some props on B to visualize the stage end better
    -moved the point slightly towards red spawn

    -plugged hole
    -buffed blues attack on the left side flank over at C with some kits
    -buffed blues attack on the right side flank over at C point lift with a full health kit
    -nerfed reds defence over at the right side flank of lift by nerfing the health kit to small as well as moving the full ammo inside the flank house
    -nerfed reds access to right side flank by making the furthest door one way
    -cut a hole to the to the lift on the right side of cart, this allows blue to walk up to the lift easily
    -slowed down the rollback on lift
    -added push triggers to stop players getting stuck on the lift
    -added little more cover to lift
    -added nobuild zones on the lift ramp and the crates above the lift
    -added resupply locker to red spawn

    -clipped the roof on the beginning of s3
    -fixed horrible sound bug on func_rotating
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