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  1. RedShift

    Soviet Fastback 2023-06-03

    Hello, mappers! Here's another model I made About: It's based on GAZ Pobeda 'Victory' Has a single color which fits any situation well 'pobeda01' in Hammer model browser By the way: DON'T STEAL
  2. SreDver

    koth_rilsk A1

    Another koth map from lazy creator :D I will try to continue this map Map is located in Norilsk. 4small ammo 2medium helthkit 2small helthkit Credit: Idolon ======= Jusa ======= boomsta...
  3. Regen_

    Rush B5

    This small soviet town located somewhere in east Siberia mired in wars between BLU and RED teams The centre of the city is occupied by the teams, life there completely stopped. Streets and shops are closed, people are forced to stay at home
  4. xB33

    TF2 Soviet Props (pl_munitions) 2021-10-07

    Just a bunch of models I made for our 2019 contest entry "pl_munitions" (which is now more or less finished thanks to Jusa) You can preview the models on the link below.
  5. Emil_Rusboi

    Soviet Evil Base v1

    Detailing map that I made for Pdan's detailing contest long time ago Features Evil Soviet complex I made this in 24 hours so dont mind flaws
  6. Emil_Rusboi

    Rush B a1a

    КРС built a huge Nuclear Power Plant called "Краснооктябрьская Атомная Электростанция имени Хейла" and decided to sell some energy to СИН, but one day they just stopped exporting energy for no reason... So, СИН decided to take control over the plant... Rush B - 3CP A/D Steel-type map with...
  7. Emil_Rusboi

    Krasnaya Ploshad a3

    TF Industries decided to build military base in center of Russia - Red Square (Krasnaya Ploshad), but ghost of communism trying to prevent their planes. Koth_Krasnaya_Ploshad is joke map, based on Red Square, Russia, Moscow. Map is cursed by the spirit of communism, so sometimes wait for Lenin...
  8. Emil_Rusboi

    Soviet Signs a1

    My soviet style signs from my map koth_krasnaya_ploshad
  9. Jusa

    Multi Stage Munitions b3

    blowing up a factory that makes things that blow up things. entry to payload checklist contest, collab between xB33, Jusa, Midlou and Bakscratch.
  10. FRAЭR

    Zavod A3

    A3 A2 A1 Завод (Rus) - Factory (Eng). A KOTH map set in soviet Factory. Battle for it! Please give me a feedback (if you found some errors or you have some good ideas)
  11. Jusa

    Soviet signs from Kalinka 2017-10-13

    Forgot to upload these so here they are in case someone else has use for them. Might add more/edit them later. Credit me somewhere if you use them in your level.
  12. EArkham

    Soviet KV2 Tank B1 - Link fix

    SOVIET PROPS Created by EArkham 2016 Some content is derivative of official Valve content, all rights reserved. A collection of custom models and assets for a World War II era Soviet setting. Should be compatible with the Frontline...
  13. Maestro

    72hr Jam 2022 Team Heavy Propaganda Reupload Heavy Poster

    Propaganda for Team Heavy, inspired in the communist propaganda from USSR. Font used: Buran USSR Brushes used: TF2 Painter's Toolkit made by squeezit
  14. Tezemi

    Soviet B1

    Soviet is a King of the Hill map that takes place in a warehouse in the woods. Could this be more than just a warehouse? A small, standard, King of the Hill map.