moraine a19

Pick it up contest map

  1. a19 released

    Just some minor changes that should hopefully let BLU have an easier time approaching B.
  2. a18 released

    • Added a delay to the next flag spawning after BLU captures A and B respectively. (Currently at 8 seconds)
    • Adjustments to playable spaces at B.
    • Moved AP at B.
    • Made it easier for RED team to leave final spawn.
  3. a17 released - catgirl edition

    Some minor changes and fixes, nothing major? ,while I haven't logged into catgirl fantasy for the day yet :) / and lost all my motivation by doing so.

    • Opened up some areas in the lobby from A to B.
    • Removed the window/balcony at A, it has been replaced with window just for visibility purposes.
    • Added a goblin area that could be used as a potential engineer spot? and/or for spy decloaking.
    • Blocked off the alleyway route at B.
    • Raised several doorways.
    • Removed some...
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  4. a16 released

    Minor fixes.
    • Added AP on A.
    • Spectator cameras get Enabled/Disabled depending on which point is in play.
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  5. a15 released

    Potential final contest version?
    • Added missing/ fixed janky clipping.
    • Added spectator cameras for both teams.
    • Better lighting in places.
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  6. a14 released

    • Red will now face the more advantageous area when leaving spawns into B area.
    • The same area now should feel like it provides more cover for Red team.
    • Removed a doorway at lobby before A.
    • Lower C areas have been made less wide.
    • Removed the window at Higher C route.
    • It is no longer possible to kill players by detonating explosives bellow the grate floors.
    • Fixed sightline at C, from railings into Blu teams mid route.
    • Fixed sightline from lobby into Blu teams 1st...
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  7. a13 released

    • C area has been made less wide. (Width decreased by 256hu - 400hu)
    • Slight changes to lobby before C due to changes to C.
    • Increased C capture zone area.
    • Various HP/AP changes.
    • Other changes.
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  8. a12 released

    • Slight changes to C. (Should make BLU feel less vulnerable to RED sightlines, and feel more rewarded for using certain routes)
    Will most likely test this version multiple times unless something went wrong.
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  9. a11 released

    • Red now instantly respawn at their next spawnpoints after A and B have been captured.
    • Made changes to BLU's right side route at C.
    • Subsequently RED is now controlling the previously only BLU accessable area. (Includes routing from Red Spawn and from Capture point area)
    • Removed BLU's ability to flank RED by using the right side route at B.
    • Reverted some AP/HP changes.
    • Players can no longer shoot through the barrier at A, just by peeking their head out....
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  10. a10 released

    • Changed the A->B building entrance removing a strong sniper sightline.
    • Made it possible to see through some windows on A.
    • Added small AP/HP on blue side on A.
    • Changed spawntimes for both teams before and after A has been capped.
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