moraine a19

Pick it up contest map

  1. a17 released - catgirl edition

    Some minor changes and fixes, nothing major? ,while I haven't logged into catgirl fantasy for the day yet :) / and lost all my motivation by doing so.

    • Opened up some areas in the lobby from A to B.
    • Removed the window/balcony at A, it has been replaced with window just for visibility purposes.
    • Added a goblin area that could be used as a potential engineer spot? and/or for spy decloaking.
    • Blocked off the alleyway route at B.
    • Raised several doorways.
    • Removed some sightline obstructing pillars.
    • Made the navigable areas be smoother at B.
    • Extra clipping for beams and etc.
    • HDR shouldn't be as bad anymore.
    • Probably some other misc. changes that I forgot about.
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