Moonbase RC3

Moon, craters, bases, fights, rockets!

  1. RC3

    - Fixed exploit with sentry being able to build through door
    - Fixed one door frame being non-solid near starbridge point
    - Fixed some door frames not having better clipping
    - Fixed some textures that were badly aligned
    - Fixed some holes next to door in 1st BLU base
    - Added couple of rocks for visual improvement
    - Improved clipping
    - Improved bot nav mesh

    Thanks to Boonie for the exploit and door frame report!
  2. Improved version

    RC2 changes:

    - Replaced the default payload cart with a new space themed one by AsG_Alligator
    - Added proper collision for those shiny space cube models
    - Added missing doorframe on RED base
    - Fixed odd shadows in the tracks
    - Fixed some door frames being non-solid in part
    - Fixed some of the odd robot movement in outside map areas
    - Fixed BLU 2nd spawn door opening too slowly
    - Enhanced BLU 1st spawn area to be more space-themed as well as rest of the map
    - General miscellaneous...
  3. rc1

    Newest version
  4. Improvements and fixes, b8

    Among other things, added a dome so players can breathe better in the moon surface.
  5. Polishing stuff

  6. Moonbase

    Updated to b5
  7. Moonbase

    Updated to b4