Moonbase RC3

Moon, craters, bases, fights, rockets!

  1. ics
    Space. The final frontier. Now being conquered by TF2 mercenaries! Both teams have built a base in the moon. Welcome to space mannstronauts!

    RED team plans to annihilate BLU base from the moon with a rocket. BLU team is planning a counter-move - they will attempt to deliver some extra payload for the rocket, so it never takes off. PICK YOUR SIDE!

    This is a first collaboration between me and my friend. We both did roughly 50% of it, swapping file between and back, while brainstorming and sharing ideas. Now we require more additional feedback. This map is still under development.

    Thanks to the first wave testers (in random order): JoniBobo, suvari, Joppe, Filvas, Wery Big Monk and othername.

    Here's some images, more on the workshop

    pl_moonbase_b10002.jpg pl_moonbase_b10001.jpg pl_moonbase_b10013.jpg pl_moonbase_b10014.jpg pl_moonbase_b10010.jpg pl_moonbase_b10006.jpg pl_moonbase_b10021.jpg

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