Moldergrove rc3e

Delve into the grim recesses of a decaying forest, honing both your KOTH and 3v3 skills alike!

  1. rc3b

    rc3b-- The Hud Update! (The Hudpdate)
    -Game text notifications that previously displayed how many players have joined the 3v3 have been replaced with a shiny new 3v3 HUD panel! In addition to showing which player slots have been filled, the new HUD will also update to display the status of each player as either dead or alive as the 3v3 progresses. Remaining game_text has been pared down to be clearer and to display only the most essential information while being as unobtrusive as possible (though more may be integrated into the HUD soon). The 3v3 icon from the HUD panel will also spawn at the center of each 3v3 entrance portal as further visual guidance.

    -Players who die in the arena while the 3v3 is still gathering players will now reset their slot upon death, allowing another player from their team to replace them and ensuring that battles always begin with 3 players on each side.

    -Reworked the portal system! Previously, portal entrances to the 3v3 were split between two teams, with players only being allowed to enter portals of their respective team color. Now that the status of each 3v3 team is conveyed through a HUD panel, however, this stipulation is no longer necessary; players can now join the 3v3 through any of the 5 portals that spawn throughout the map.

    -And other miscellaneous polish!

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