Mixture (PL) V2

The map that fits all gamemodes

  1. Landscape Update (V2)

    This update changed a lot of elements of this map:

    >Changed landscaping
    >Second point now inside a hill
    >Big hill soon before third point

    >Fixed a glitch where one of RED's spawndoors would open a non-accessible door
  2. Directional Update (V1.1)

    The V1.1 update has changed a few things:

    >Made the payload's path way more in-sync with the tracks.

    >Centred all doors inside their doorway.

    >Fixed all face textures.
  3. Last Cap Update (V1)

    The latest fixes and updates include:

    Last Cap Glitch: The glitch where there wouldn't be a final explosion cap has now been fixed. HOORAY!

    Many problems to RED team's spawn have now been fixed.

    A trigger_hurt has been added in the final cap pit.
  4. Spawn Update (A3)

    All problems with spawning and spawndoors are now fixed!
  5. Cart Update (A2)

    Most problems with the cart have now been fixed, but still no main end cap point.