Mirrored Maps - Series 1

Mirrored Maps - Series 1 Final

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Mirrored Maps - Series 1 Final

By Khuntza


Mirrored versions of Dustbowl, Gravelpit and Badwater Basin maps.

The Concept: To take popular VALVe made maps from Team Fortress 2 and mirror them as accurately as possible to their originals. Right becomes left, left becomes right, giving maps that all TF2 players know like the backs of their hands a fresh take.

The Result: You'll find yourself having to rethink every turn in a map that that you haven't found yourself lost in for up to 3 years.. It can really mess with your head while you adjust.

The above download link is for the pack containing all 3 maps (65mb). Individual maps can be downloaded here -http://www.khuntza.net/TF2MirroredMapsSeries1.html

DISCLAIMER: I don't like modified Valve maps. Night versions, theme changes, added routes; they make me cringe. I understand that being edits to Valve maps that they aren't for everyone. I'm also the first to admit that there isn't a whole lot of skill involved in the production of these maps. My intention is not to showcase my skills as a mapper, or to gain respect, but to share afun project and give a fresh alternative to popular, yet tired, maps.

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