Millhill A4

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-Removed tons of light_spots from lamps for better visibility
-Added one-way gate to BLU's highground to B
-Added small scaffolding near cap at B to give BLU a tiny advantage
-Moved B forward spawn to a more reasonable location
-Made stairwell from RED-spawn-into-route building to C lobby one-way and completely locked until B capped
-Re-added resupply locker to RED semifinal forward spawn (retracts on cap C)
-Reduced pack sizes in some locations
-Changed finale to badwater-style pit instead of the cart just smacking into the floor lmao
-Fixed some other stuff, including those god damn doors (hopefully)
-Redid most of Last, trying to create something somewhat similar to the previous versions, but simpler and more spacious
-Adjusted lighting in B cave and A cave flank (lighting seemed to be the worst in those areas)
-Highlighted the A cave with light poles (these are solid on purpose)
-Adjusted spawn times for RED to make defense slightly easier overall
-Adjusted BLU spawn times so that people actually spawn in waves together
-Restricted the entire "maintenance" room from entry until the cart gets to the top of the elevator to C (previously, only the doors closest to the C cap were closed)
-Fixed clipping issues throughout
-Redid elevator from scratch (that is, deleted it and replaced it with a fresh, unedited version of Blaze's prefab, then minimally tweaked it to fix what needed to be fixed)

-Fixed broken spawns
-Moved RED first forward spawn to upstairs region of final spawn to reduce confusion
-Changed routes at Last for less confusion + removed one-way element from one of the doors
-Attempted to fix elevator a bit; payload should no longer roll off the elevator once it reaches the start, and should no longer roll back down the elevator once the elevator reaches the very top of its path
-Changed geo near upstairs of RED first spawn to better indicate it becoming a route to C + make it overall less cramped
-Changed some doors in the spawn itself to prevent people from going the wrong way + simplify logic + fix an issue where they didn't open correctly on cap B
-Added some more guideline payload tracks to make the path clearer
-Made wall between C and A opaque for better optimization (rip cool view, might revive it with other tricks later)
-Other changes? Can't remember lol