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Millhill A4

Mountain Lab-themed payload with an elevator in the middle.

  1. Mâché
    My latest map, not tethered to any mapping competition or other event. My goal with this map is simply for it to be fun and interesting. Besides the elevator, there are some other minor gimmicks, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Also, no environmental hazards, period.

    20200611004111_1.jpg 20200611004120_1.jpg 20200611004223_1.jpg 20200611004243_1.jpg 20200611004316_1.jpg 20200611004356_1.jpg 20200611004427_1.jpg 20200611004510_1.jpg 20200611004532_1.jpg 20200611004610_1.jpg 20200611004742_1.jpg 20200611004808_1.jpg

Recent Updates

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