Midtown A3

Mannhattan-style MVM map with two gates

  1. Reworked tunnel and gate A areas

    • Moved all Spy, Sniper and Sentrybuster spawns to secondary spawn route
    • Enlarged playable area in front of gate A
    • Made the diner's roof accessible
    • Reworked the bot spawn tunnel area


    1. mvm_midtown_a30000.jpg
    2. mvm_midtown_a30001.jpg
    3. mvm_midtown_a30002.jpg
    4. mvm_midtown_a30003.jpg
    5. mvm_midtown_a30004.jpg
  2. Reworked the first area to make it less cramped

    • Moved the diner to create more space in the first area
    • Reduced length of the tunnel
    • Moved gate A to increase the distance between A and B
    • Created a third bomb path between gates A and B
    • Mannhattan Advanced 2 as test mission included
    What I couldn't figure out yet is why the uber for the bots lasts too long at the first spawn. The respawnroom brushes end exactly where they're supposed to.


    1. mvm_midtown_a20000.jpg
    2. mvm_midtown_a20001.jpg
    3. mvm_midtown_a20002.jpg