Markov A2

The original small map with big dreams.

  1. Alpha 2 - Fence Fixer

    Big stuff:

    • Biggest change is obviously the big honking clipped fence/wall in place of the old fence that you could just hop over. [picture]
    • Red now has a new, much stronger rallying point at B and just before A [picture]
    • Accordingly, the underground section around A has been redone to give defenders a considerable advantage (still not sure about people finding it though) [picture]
    • Sightlines at last have been tightened considerably; a half-closed garage door now prevents sniper fights happening directly outside of red's spawn. The flank into last no longer has a direct view of red's spawn either (although this matters less now that the fence is clipped) [picture]
    • To compensate for the improved defenses, Blue now has a forward spawn after capturing A. [pic] [pic] (also pictured: rollback zone, better spawn lighting)

    Small stuff:
    • Lots of spots added - generally brighter interiors
    • The door from Red spawn to the battlements overlooking the start of the track now closes after A is capped. I might make it close even earlier or move A further back.
    • Battlements themselves are a bit bigger/deeper, mostly because the area was pretty cramped last time.
    • Rollback zones added directly after A and at the very end of the track.
    • Reduced the round time awarded for capping and the maximum time; ammo is more scarce near the track and more plentiful everywhere else.
    • other clipping/lighting/displacement stuff...
    Album for posterity
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