Manteca a3

Named after the song, not the city/spanish word for lard

  1. flank more like bank

    Lem Mem
    update notes are for losers
  2. Tip: I am so mad

    Lem Mem
    Manteca a2a changelog

    - Packed properly
  3. S P A C E

    Lem Mem
    Manteca a2 Changelog

    People really liked this map, which I'm very pleased about! Hopefully if this version goes well I can get some Highlander testing.

    - Removed Right Spawn Entrance
    // Declared Useless by many people
    - Added new Left Entrance w/ Highground
    // This should alleviate some of the spawn camping problems seen in the first playtest
    - Added cover to higher entrance
    // The new spawn gate opened a pretty nasty sightline from batts to the spawn...