Manteca b1

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Manteca b1

Named after the song, not the city/spanish word for lard

Manteca is a simple and clean KOTH taking inspiration from Coldfront and Ashville. It is currently my only map to be detailed and pretty fun if you ask me.

Custom assets:
- Overgrown Assets
- Bulletcrops Assets
- Frontline Assets
- Jump pad Prefab
- Sign Pack
Lem Mem
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. wow thats a detailed map

    BETA!!!!!!! I'm not too happy with some of the interiors however they can be adjusted in later version so I'm not too upset about it (for now). No 3d skybox either, probably gonna add that next version. - Detailed the entire map - Adjusted the...
  2. Prebeta version!

    - Reverted theme changes // I didn't like them. Oh well. Some textures stayed tho, and the trims are nice to have - Adjusted Cap Time //14 -> 12. Should lead to cleaner caps - Fixed skybox issue around ramp - Clipping adjustments - Widened some...
  3. highlanda

    - Removed Dropdown // Was more annoying than anything - Adjusted Ramp from Tower to Main // This area should be easier to navigate AND less sniper prone. A win-win if I've ever seen one. - Moved sightline blocker from tower to the actual house -...