Machiya a19

a Japanese themed payload map

  1. a19

    -Detailed Blue first spawn
    -Red Last spawn is now merged to one again
    -Door of the one house in A will remain close until point is capped
    -When B or C is captured, Red spawns will open and Resupply cabinets are disabled
  2. a18

    -Fixed the bunker floor and ceiling
    -Hightened a part in A
    -Detailed a building
  3. a17

    -Changed Sky texture
    -Opened B more
    -Added New Red Spawn near C
    -Widened Last
    -Split The Last Red spawn into 2
    -Removed the Grate Doors
  4. a16

    -added Fences in A cap
    -added a Flank in A
    -Widened B Flanks
    -added Flank for C
  5. a15

    -covered sightlines
    -replaced wall in A with a tree
    -added some Health near B
    -widened the Indoor
    -detailed more of A
  6. a14

    -redone some parts of last
    -Added more "height" near first
    -replace the van with a wall in B
    -replace those walls with stones in A
  7. a13

    -displacement seams fixed
    -stairs that go to red spawn removed
    -more signs added
  8. a12

    -half of last redone
    -one way door in last is no longer a one way door
    -right side in A is closed until A cap is flanked
    -added new door for 2nd Forward spawn
    -Reds Resupply is disabled when B is capped
    -no time added when gate opens
    -Widened some Ways
  9. a11

    -One way door removed
    -a small hill on first made
    -added patches on kits
    -clipped some areas
  10. a10

    -Map is renamed to Machiya
    -Most of C was Redone
    -part of Last was remade
    -added an open window in a flank in last
    -added a roof on one spot in B
    -Blu 2nd forward spawn was moved forward a bit
    -a new "balcony" thing near A cap