Machiya b3

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Machiya b3

a Japanese themed payload map

My first map on Tf2. trying to do a payload map first instead of a koth map, because why not?

Blu pushes a payload cart to one of Reds facilities in Japan by pushing it
through a Japanese town.
Machiya is the name for the architecture of the japanese wooden townhouses that can be found throughout Japan

No anime girls to be found here
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. b3

    -Added soundscapes! it sounds peaceful now.. -Detailed More -Added a bit of Cover in C -Respawn times shorten -Opened up the warehouse leading to B, as well as a new door leading to A -Blu spawn hazards replaced with white sliding doors
  2. B2

    -Redesigned C and left side of D flank -Detailed C and D a bit -fixed the Red C spawn -fixed the carts moving back and skipping the point.
  3. B1

    Its been awhile since I updated this map, but I had the beta 1 for a long time. might aswell upload it -designed A and B and C -Textured D

Latest reviews

it's pretty good for a first map. it seems to favor defense a little more but I can't really tell for sure with only bots it's certainly a neat little map.