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  1. Idolon
    Cliffside KotH map set somewhere in the Balkans. Adopted from Ibex.

    Custom assets:
    Dr. Spud's ivy
    EArkham's mirrored coalmine boulders
    Heyo's Borneo trees
    Frontline windows

    Changes from 72hr version:
    -Modified mid in minor, mostly aesthetic ways
    -Changed smaller circular gardens to open octagon gardens
    -Remade spawn/yard areas to fit the theme/make them more interesting, though layout should be fairly similar


    1. koth_lovely_a40001.jpg
    2. koth_lovely_a40004.jpg
    3. koth_lovely_a40003.jpg
    4. koth_lovely_a40002.jpg
    5. koth_lovely_a40000.jpg
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