Log place a10

Connect 5 done Zahndah

  1. log ploco


    log changes:
    - Deleted every dead log in the map as far as im aware
    - made the log sign on last a bit less
    - added another log sign to make up
    - the g is falling off though :(


    not log changes:
    -moved some boxes to dissuade pesky engineers from using BLU'S ROOF FLANK as an engineer nest, still possible but much more challenging to pull off
    -I legit cant remember if i changed the side room below BLU's roof flank this version of last version, but its a bit nicer to hold from.
    -Removed a door
    -Added 2 doors, either side of a shortcut from a -> b for before A is capped. This shortcut should allow RED to have more than 1 viable option leaving spawn.
    -Deleted area from below the RED holding areas on last in the perfect shape to make play areas there, how skillful of me. Should now be more tactics and fun to fighting on the point, less of a spampit.
    -Damn i forgot to put a huge barrel_crate_half in the skybox, You live and learn i guess.



    Personally i would say it is art.

    This is a little image that i like to call "log place from outer space"


    see you later crocodile
    when shall we three meet again?
    ok bye.
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