Listener a6

King of the hill, Take some satellite towers or something.

  1. The Openenining

    Made a lot of areas more open, mostly.

    Changed building extensions off mid pillars back into pipes (but in a different shape) and added a partial wall along it with a grate fence top.
    Slightly raised pipe over mid & added a tiny sightline blocker below.
    Removed the ceiling and walls towards mid around the ramp up to aforementioned pipe, making it open air instead.
    Fixed seeing shadows through the wall on that ramp.
    Changed right side route onto concrete to only have one real 'doorway' -...
  2. Alpha 5

    Changed mid's cover again.
    Rerouted walkway to the bridge over mid to be an indoors ramp.
    Changed bridge to be just the pipe, and walkways around the tower are flat.
    Pipe & tank in the mid lowground changed into a building you can't get on top of.
    Path from right lobby to roof adjusted to try and make holding it harder.
    Clipping fixes around the map.
    Added a fence and skybox brushes to make shooting over walls near mid no longer possible.
  3. Alpha 4b

    Decreased cap time quite a bit (Was 12, Now 7 seconds)
    Tweaked cover around the point to add pockets to duck into on the sides of it.
    Slightly tweaked cover in the surrounding area now that it's not needed to block sight.
    Did some very minor clipping work.
  4. Alpha 4 + Proper name

    Removed dump trucks near mid (For real this time!)
    Disconnected garage from both the side routes.
    Changed the angles through the right flank to make it less awkward to move through.
    Made windows at mid one-way, looking towards the point.
    Added ramps to the upper windows so you don't have to jump through.
    Fixed a pretty big clipping bug that I think was in a3 that somehow nobody noticed!
  5. Alpha 3

    Redid routes from spawn to make pushing into enemy spawn harder, removed the trucks by flanks, made it harder to hide in enemy's side of the map, fixed clipping bugs.
  6. Fixed spawns bug.

  7. A2

    Added small bits of transparent cover on the point itself.
    Changed up the geometry of the lobby before concrete to feel less awkward and allow less sightlines.
    Added a stairwell to the side of aforementioned lobby, Leading both down to garage, and up to the newly accessible roof.
    Placed a pipe underneath the walkway to block los between roof and opposing concrete.
    Widened the lip over the pipes and connected it to the walkway directly.
    Changed small healthkit on lowground into a medium...