Lion a7

guardian mvm hybrid

  1. a7


    • secondary port refinements
    • various texture re-alignments
    • 2nd cp big pillar cover shift
    • various clipping improvements
    • mom info moved to floor in front of 1st spawn


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  2. a6

    • started custom soundscapes
    • planters? planters.

    • refined catwalk geometry
    • opened connector area by u-turn
    • added resupply locker

    • fixed broken hud and matched cp layout to mannhattan
    • mom:
      • mom now resets if left on ground for 45 seconds
      • added additional spawn point in forward upgrade station and moved starting point to tank room near bot spawn
        • on first cap and if mom is currently on ground,...
  3. a5


    Added new dynamic element: the MOM (money or medicine). The item spawns on the catwalk near the 1st cp and enables on wave start. When carrying the item, it acts as a level 1 dispenser with an effective radius of 256hu. Once dropped, it becomes an automatic money collector with an effective radius of 320hu. If the intel is dropped when the 1st cp is capped, it is teleported to a new location behind the 2nd cp. If it is being carried when the 1st cp is capped, it will not be...
  4. a4

    • added detail geometry to u-turn at dividing wall
    • marked capture zones
    • reconfigured red spawn to accommodate two upgrade stations
    • fixed some bots skipping first point and breaking on 2nd point
    • fixed cap alarm persisting if bots are killed while blocking capture
    • fixed forward gate staying open in certain conditions
    • fixed bots getting stuck in blocker in spawn
    • normal mission:
      • wave 2 fixed shotgun heavies...
  5. a3

    Big thanks to @PigPig and @FlipFTW for a lot of layout and mission help + hours of testing.

    • added 3d sky
    • switched to sky_fever_01 env settings
    • bot spawn is now a port/dock
    • displaced ground level
    • extended playable area further in front of 1st cp for more holding options
    • connected connector patio with forward upgrade station
    • moved forward gate in front of 1st cp
    • opened front dividing wall...
  6. a2

    Download is now a zip to separate the bsp from the nav/pop file for bot updates without recompile.

    • moved 2nd gate back by dividing wall
    • opened window in connector room
    • added hp/ammo cubby to other side of 1st cp
    • added gate to 1st bot spawn area
    • simplified bomb pit stairs for blockbulleting
    • tightened bomb pit arena to increase defensible positions
    • 1st cp cap stun now excludes giant bots
    • fixed meds not healing in wave 4


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