limpmozzarella a5

A KOTH map set in ruins deep within a Cenote

  1. New Route to Bridge

    Fault in Maps
    Added a route to the bridge at mid to hopefully enhance its use as it seems to be a favorite combat space.


    1. 20210728212712_1.jpg
  2. More Lights, Less Crouch Jumps

    Fault in Maps
    More minor changes. Almost time to start doing a full artpass :p
  3. More Minor Changes

    Fault in Maps
    More Minor Changes. The layout's pretty solid atm so I'm just trying to make it easier for all classes. If this version is still tough to retake mid I have a bigger change I'll come through and add!
  4. Clipping on Mid Fence

    Fault in Maps
    Added Player Clips to the fence on mid. This prevents players from standing on it, which was an unwanted behaviour
  5. Mid Changes

    Fault in Maps
    Added some cover to mid.
  6. Issue Fixing, Again :(

    Fault in Maps
    Fixed some issues we ran into
    - Deleted Magical Forward Spawns.
    - Reduced Spawn Times, hopefully not too much.
    - Added Missing Geo on Red Flank.
    - Corrected error with floating lights around mid.
  7. Mid Update

    Fault in Maps
    Various Updates to improve mid
    - Sightlines reduced.
    - Ledges reduced.
    - Point moved onto a slightly elevated position.
    - Sniper hall lowered to prevent excessive fall damage.
    - Added plenty of ghost lights.

    20210711154457_1.jpg 20210711154502_1.jpg 20210711154511_1.jpg
  8. Fixed Missing Textures

    Fault in Maps
    Vide threw me for a loop when packing A1, packing content from subfolders that I normally don't have to do. So I made the mistake of not going into each subfolder and doing that packing progress, resulting in me missing stuff. Didn't make that mistake this time, though I was having some issues. Hopefully, it won't result in missing stuff again.

    A1 images added here for log:

    20210626223428_1.jpg 20210626223443_1.jpg 20210626223457_1.jpg