limpmozzarella a9

A KOTH map set in ruins deep within a Cenote

  1. Various Route Changes

    Fault in Maps
    Maps in a strong state right now so these are all mostly experimental changes.

    • New route into the tunnel flank, engineers should have a harder time turning that area into a nest.
    • Added a flank below the original tunnel route, adds an alternative out or in of the main route. Something I want to try, this is the biggest experimental change and will probably get cut if no one likes it.
    • Updated the bridge flank, its gotten moved away from the point a bit which might be a negative, but this change cuts out some nasty sightlines it has. We'll see how it goes.
    • Spawn rooms; added another resupply in spawn rooms to provide less walking required to get in and a window to spot people camping real close.
    • Minor changes to various walls and props to fix lighting and other minor issues.
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