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Felt like reviewing this out of the blue since it's basically done. I used to hate this map, but it was unjustified.
It's really not a bad map. It has a much more common and more focused back-and-forth than a lot of other PASS Time maps, and each arena is tailored very carefully to do something conducive to the gameplay of the mode - for instance, the goal zone is massive, with very separated routes - this means that camping it with one or more sentries is very hard, but still possible if that's your thing.

Admittedly, this map isn't for me. Mid's design is amazing, because it has little health, little ammo and few safe positions, which means you don't keep the ground you gain, so the back-and-forth keeps going. But this is terrible if you're like me and all you want is to lock down mid to give your team the advantage.

It really bugs me when maps make the Engineer into a martyr so every other class can have fun, so I held off from rating this map 5 stars, but maybe I shouldn't have, because I really want to applaud the map's design.
This map is super fun and doesn't feel unfair to either of the teams with such an unique concept
This looks really fucking cool. Not super TF2-y but an awesome-looking skybox is an awesome-looking skybox! :3
amazing, too bad there isnt a dev water
Wonderful to have more Player Destruction pickups out there! Thanks again for accepting my commission! I hope this will result in more folks making neat Player Destruction maps.
I'm here, I shall recruit others!
Great map! Even though it's only in beta, the theme is great. Excited to see how this looks when it's finished.
best map i've ever played fr fr fr fr fr