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Solid is the best word I can give this map. Not anything groundbreaking in terms of design, just really damn solid & balanced. Minor exploit: tele trap in vents. Very easy to do. (as of 8/11/22)
Absolutely fantastic piece of software! Thank you very much for making this :)
What a hidden gem of a map. Extremely well done and complex with super cool map geometry, plenty of flanks and not too aggressive sniper sightlines
Masterpiece of a map. It's among the best maps I've seen in any game, period.
Short & sweet little PLR map. Definitely on the small side but I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing due to the amount of unique geometry & vertical mobility options.
Block off the areas around spawn where players can jump in and die & possibly add more props/decorations around the map to make it feel less flat. Otherwise this seems like a very solid map!
Really well done. I love it.
I think Soldier's gravestone should have some sort of reference to eagle though.
this map fucks
Extremely important.
Both Excellent and Extremely necessary. No longer shall we have to bear witness to low poly froges
Very good!
Со второго раза прошел! Классную игру сделали)
Looks great
i love this
Я почему то уверен, что это не лимонад, судя по лицу разведчика.
Картошка отдыхает. Блин, скоро копать...