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Wish I could buy this
drink this and be invincible the whole game
that was so cool!! I loved how the table and things on it moved too.
Also that loop! Chef's kiss*
nice perspective
I like the no outline, looks cool
very funny
I love the visuals of this map and its layout but it's missing the .res file for the client to download custom hud icons so I have missing materials even with fastdl set up. :(
this looks extremely awesome, love the mixed capture point and payload, and the overall level design and flow seem like they'd play excellently. cannot wait to see a final version of this.
Fun concept, kinda wish the rocket flew out at the end and think the hole could be a bit bigger to make it more of a danger.

Also, not enough corn, soybeans, or Casey's gas stations.
Legitimately love this map.
stage 1's second point flank on a19 is a huge improvement. Hope this map gets finished!
For Vineyard in Payload
This map is so incredibly beautiful. You can feel just how much love and care has been put into every nook and cranny, and its design is impeccable. Every time I play this map I get so emotional I stop playing and just walk around
For Rumford in Payload
Really cannot bring myself to give this map a positive review despite the map being super unique in terms of theming. It just does not play well right now. Hopefully it can improve somehow.
that's because it's in a2 and has only been tested twice
For Vineyard in Payload
The map is super cramped, the forward spawns for BLU are insanely aggressive, and a lot of the prop cars block what would otherwise be "decent" gameplay spaces.
Played this in a playtest a week or 2 ago. It was very fun, though it kinda got stale by the end of its run in the test. I'd love to see this map get finished as I like its layout and the detailing you've already done on the map is really cute! (Respect for Domination!!!!)