Labor a10a

In Soviet Russia, you do not capture hill. Hill captures YOU.

  1. amogus can now be jumped

    Lem Mem
    - More Detailing
    - Removed death pit
    - Removed Window on hut
    - Removed clipping on amogus
    - Added new building to side of hut
    - Made batts smaller
    - Move spawn to the left
    - Removed health from mid
  2. i made a video about this just watch that

    Lem Mem
    - Raised concrete to be higher
    - Added ammo on top of hut
    - Added box to batts
    - Did some more texturing
    - Added lip to concrete
    - Made navigation of the map much easier.
  3. don't ask about the version string

    Lem Mem
    - Added hut to storage (Callout needs updating tho)
    - Made the courtyard thing into a building
    - Added ammo pack near point
    - Added health to bunker
    - Added ramp to main outside spawn
    - Fixed up spawns (hopefully)
    - Added window to bunker
    - Changed sniper's nest a bunch
  4. Hotfix

    Lem Mem
    - Change cap time to 10 seconds
  5. Made the box cooler

    Lem Mem
    - Reworked mid to be like clearcut
    - Did nothing else
  6. Major Reworks in General

    Lem Mem
    - Brought the areas leading to mid up to standard
    - Added HDR Support
    - Added Soundscapes
    - Cleaned up the Propspam
    - Added new building to mid
  7. Some changes

    Lem Mem
    - Added stairs on flank routes
    - More textures
    - Sightline clogging
    - New Battlements thing
    - New route from concrete to Upper
    - Removed some connecting bridges on upper

    Generally, The way I want this point to be played is so it is risky to go up top, but safe to cap below. These changes should make it easier for that.
  8. Forgot to repack lol

    Lem Mem
    - I'm stupid
  9. Is it just me, or does it feel smaller

    Lem Mem
    - Removed like 25% of the map
    - Gave secret it's own overlay
    - Added new rotate from concrete to upper mid
    - Tightened the waterway
    - Lower walls around middle
  10. This man must be stopped

    Lem Mem
    - Another Mid Rework
    - Redid spawn so all exits have a purpose
    - Added cubemaps
    - Redid skyboxes so less visual bugs happened. If you go looking for a bug, you'll find one, but if you just play the map nothing should look out of place.