koth_woodyard A4

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koth_woodyard A4

Compact, fast paced map in development

Hello folks, today i have attempted to make my first tf2 map. Right now, it's mostly dev textures, but it's set in a small wood yard. It's meant to be fast paced and hectic, (which is why the map is small, but can make it bigger if requested)

I'd like feedback on the workshop discussion, if available.

Thank you for your time.
=udwx= Moose
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. Alpha 4

    Changelist: *Actually uploaded the alpha 3 improvments this time *Added side doors to lower the sigh line *Added walls in spawn courtyards for more cover *Made ammo and health smaller in sideroom *Got rid of player clips on top of hallway, as the...
  2. koth_woodyard V0.3

    Changelist *added cubemaps *made map bigger, got rid of player clips *increased skybox height *made the control point centered in the map *added mats under item pickups *added lights

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Nice map