koth_townie a3b

Blu and Red fight in an abandoned town center.

  1. Fixed download

    Retarded Mouse
    Updated the vmf file, oops.
  2. a3

    Retarded Mouse
    a3 changes include:

    -Added a new route up to the side battlement on both sides(previously unreachable unless you went all the way around past the enemy spawn)

    -Added some more cover on mid, and a few palettes of barrels by the new routes to prevent insane sniper sightlines

    -Fixed the textures on one building(roof wasn't textured)
  3. koth_townie_a2

    Retarded Mouse
    -Added some textures to a couple buildings.

    -Displaced the out of bounds areas outside the spawns to look nicer.

    -Added team door filters.(embarrassing!)

    -Added nobuild areas on the tops of the pillars around the point and in the spawns.

    -Area the control point is on now gray.


    1. a2.png
    2. a2_1.png