koth_townie a3b

Blu and Red fight in an abandoned town center.

  1. Retarded Mouse
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    This is my very first map. Took me just about 3 days to get it to this point, but I think it's finally worth it.

    It's just a pretty small generic KOTH map. Nothing special about it, except the one-way doors on either side of the point.

    TODO list:​

    1. Make a couple more flank routes if possible

    2. Make the out-of-bounds areas look prettier

    3. Add more to the spawn rooms

    4. Make the textures proper when I get around to it

    5. Make misccellaneous adjustments depending how the gameplay flows in matches

    I hope everyone likes it for being my first map. I've had fun working on this map, so I hope people have fun playing on it.


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