Koth_summit 2022-07-27

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-revamped middle
-blocked off between bridge and tunnel
-new tunnel from bridge to second level
-blocked off a tunnel from low to mid level
-added more textures
-minor optimization
-extended cap trigger
-changed custom vmt from ice surface to snow surface to remove all slipperiness
-clipped the stairs in the blu tunnel
-removed a lot of sightlines
-reduced the capture time from 10 to 6
-added navigation signs around the map
-raised central skybox
-lowered the roof around the center point
-added more roof protection on the center point
-added markers for cap zones
-fixed stair symmetry next to the point
-removed holes on the corner rail platforms
-raised pick ups off the ground more
-added paint patches under the pick ups
-clipped the death pit outside the spawn rooms
-expanded the halls on the side spawn room hallway
-expanded the tunnels to the top most level
-clipped stair models
-smoothed out some displacements
-blocked off sightline from the center medikit to the top most tunnel
-added clip to the grate textures
- New ice wall texture
- Redid the center pillar displacements
- Filled the center hollow room on the lowest level
- Added more displacements
- revamped the highest layers
- moved down the highest layer
- added walls around the point
- removed custom props
- replace custom props with displacements
- added displacements
- minor changes to the center mid section
- basic lighting
- lowered number of pick ups
- added water on the bottom level
- adjusted the top bridge over the point


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