koth_sciaduct a3

After a long hibernation, I made a koth map.

  1. Development stopped

    I will no longer be working on this map. I think it will be a better use of my time to create a new map. I'm kinda tired of koth right now, and I want to do a different gamemode. This was a great learning experience, and I thank everybody that left feedback on the imps.
  2. koth_sciaduct_a3


    + Added another courtyard. Teleporters should be more viable now.
    + Adjusted geometry around the point.
    + Removed shudder doors between the dirt courtyard and the point.
    + Increased size of the dirt courtyard.
  3. koth_sciaduct_a2


    + Increased the scale of the map.
    + Added a flank route on the side next to the high ground with the towers.
    + Changed the mid doors so that one is extruded with a window.
    + Upgraded some of the small ammo packs to medium ammo packs.
    + Removed 2fort cover props.
    + Removed orange beams.
    + Fixed cubemaps and tonemap.
    + Changed the skybox and sky lighting.