Koth_Rigid a3

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Koth_Rigid a3

A koth map

Latest changes:
- Changed just about everything.

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Scrawnoisis Viollet Fox
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

Latest updates

  1. Rigid revamp - again scrapping most stuff except mid

    Been a couple of ages since I did anything mappingwise, so I figured starting from (almost) 0 would be a good idea. So I (kinda) did. - scrapped everything but mid - kept the rotational symmetry for the map - no water for now - random placeholder...
  2. The minor fixes/alterations update

    Minor fixes -added ramps in the mid zone to reach the mini roofs -rotated ammo and health pickups at mid into the rooms -still engaged in combat with the hall of frames
  3. Koth Rigged is now Rigid. And not a square anymore.

    Been messing around with a lot of stuff and decided to pull back and rework my map fully. It'd devolved from my original idea of having several small rigs connected to a central rig with the cap on it to...well, the square thing it was before. So...