koth_plant a8

A snowy industrial koth map.

  1. Revamp of the whole map.

    Basically revamped the whole map. Did away with the heavy flanks. Map now follows a more normal koth formula.

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    1. 20190522131620_1.jpg
  2. Fixed packing

    Fixed custom models packing.
  3. Updated flank

    - Updated the flank so that one team has a drop down where the main path used to be. The other way to get through the flank requires going inside the labs building with the stair case, funneling them near the front entrance of the point.

    - The main entrance the the point was moved to be a little more to the center.

    - The lab entrance was moved closer to the main door.

    20190519122805_1.jpg 20190519122813_1.jpg
  4. Tightening up of flank and pickups changes

    - Small layout/detail pass on the highground backrooms for red and blue
    - Pass on the health kits.
    - Medium kits were placed out front of the point that are visible from the middle path.
    - Highground backrooms small kits replaced with medium kits.
    - Moved the small ammo kit right outside the main doors to the point next to the small health kit inside next to the main doors.
    - Removed the small ammo kit inside next to the side doors.
    - Removed the flank medium kits and blocked off...​
  5. Some small layout size changes

    - Pushed in a few buildings around 128 units to tighten up some of the areas.
    - Replaced the razor wire fence with a brick wall
    - Added a shack to block some sightlines from the flank
    - Updated the buildings that contained the medium health/ammo packs to be smaller and easier to access.
    - Moved over and made smaller the main entrance.
    - Removed railings around the point.
    - Moved the computers flanking the point to be centered on both sides as opposed to staggered.

    20190510171957_1.jpg ...
  6. revamp of spawn area and layout changes to increase time to flank

    Main changes:

    - The spawn area has been revamped so it it less of a sawmill rip off.
    - Moved the spawn to be more central to the two main paths.
    - The flank area has been pushed out 256 units which should increase the amount of time it takes to flank by a bit.
    - Removed the wood bridge thing accross the rocks and just put the med kit by the ammo kit.
    - Increased the size of the battlements room.
    - Blocked off some unnecessary rooms.

    20190507114052_1.jpg 20190507114042_1.jpg ...
  7. update 3

    A3 details:

    - Unnecessary detailing (mostly on red side)
    - Opened a new room outside of the point with a medium health/ammo kit
    - Brightened the ambient lighting
    - Updated the stairwell building to the high ground balcony.
    - Removed one of the train cars to open up the center path a little more

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  8. reduced capture time

    Some small detail and clipping updates.
    Biggest change was reducing the cap time.
  9. Small update to signage and the area in between the rock flank and the center path

    Removed the wall/pipe that was between the rock flank area and the center path. Replaced part of it with a chain link fence.

    Added a couple of signs to point towards the point just for clarity

  10. added flank

    - Updated the highground on the point by adding a way to get to it from outside the central building.

    - Added window to get ontop of the pipeline.

    - Added missing resupply locker from blue spawn.

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