koth_plant a8

A snowy industrial koth map.

  1. revamp of spawn area and layout changes to increase time to flank

    Main changes:

    - The spawn area has been revamped so it it less of a sawmill rip off.
    - Moved the spawn to be more central to the two main paths.
    - The flank area has been pushed out 256 units which should increase the amount of time it takes to flank by a bit.
    - Removed the wood bridge thing accross the rocks and just put the med kit by the ammo kit.
    - Increased the size of the battlements room.
    - Blocked off some unnecessary rooms.

    20190507114052_1.jpg 20190507114042_1.jpg 20190507114107_1.jpg 20190507114819_1.jpg
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