koth_piperock a6

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koth_piperock a6

A koth map where i somewhat focus on gameplay

A koth map i made in 4 days using an old sketch i had lying around.
If i'll ever be detailling it i think it'll be a water plant but for now i should focus on the gameplay.
After making a payload map that i uploaded but removed because it is shameful, an attack defence map and 2 of it's overhauls that led to alpineline, i needed to stop the A/D to get back to some nice and easy gamemodes : koth.
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King of the Hill
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Latest updates

  1. Alpha 6

    I can't make schedules lol, i could of updated this map like months ago. Anyways changes i guess : -Added additional route,will change it later to make it open -Made mid higher -Made mid wider -Changed that annoying route that made you change...
  2. A complete overhaul of everything.

    The layout, the ideas, the visuals, everything is changing. As i've already stated, i can't help it to not overhaul stuff. When something doesn't work, i couldn't get a work-around to fix the issue. Now the map is now something i'm actually proud...
  3. Oh it's been 4 months ?

    Anyway i did some bad changes i'm not happy with, i "might" overhaul this map...again. I've come to realize that i'm over-detailing/overthinking my alpha maps. I don't want them to be flat boring maps, but if i want to make... you know... alpha...