Koth_outskirts A12

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Koth_outskirts A12

My first map: koth_outskirts

Well I hope I've transferred this correctly I'm on using my mobile until my computer gets fixed. Anyways here is my map, Koth_outskirts.

-Initial Release

-Made the map smaller
-Made the routes to the point make more sense
-Added patches under the health and ammo kits
-Changed the skybox
-Added windows in spawn so that players can see outside
- Changed the orientation of the bridge the point is on

- Removed a window from each side of the point
- Added more cover to the point
- Turned the "dead end" into another route
- Added an additional health pack in the outside area
- Added doors to reduce some sight lines
- Fixed the issue with the spawn doors
- Added another route to the point from the low ground area

-Fixed issue with the naming of the point
-Fixed an issue with the signs
-Corrected a naming convention error I made now you will be able to see my previous changes

-Raised the ceiling on the spawn rooms
-Rearranged the layout of the area outside of spawn
-Made the "sniper deck" room larger
-Edited the sniper deck in said room
-Began detailing the spawn rooms
-Fixed the door not opening fast enough

-Fixed the issue with the blue resupply cabinets
-Removed the door leading to the sniper deck in the sniper room from spawn
-Clipped the props in spawn
-Fixed some brush issues
-Removed the ramp leading down from spawn

-Changed the layout under mid bridge
-Added cover to area under mid bridge
-Made the mid bridge an arch bridge
-Fixed the clipping issue that allowed players to get out of the map
-Fixed a clipping issue that allowed players to stand on a wall near mid
-Added more health kits
-Extended area from the sniper building's ground floor out towards mid

-set the spawn points further back to make the map a little bit longer
-added another building in front of spawn
-reduced the amount of windows around the point
-changed the size and shape of a couple windows

-removed the building outside spawn
-changed orientation of spawn back to how it was originally
-adjusted lighting in some areas
-fixed an issue with spawn windows
-removed a door along the main route
-removed a room that was almost never used
-removed an unnessecary doorway

-made one of the main rooms larger
-started texturing (the second beta will have more)
-added barriers to the paths outside of spawn

-changed the orientation of spawn
-removed most of the dev textures
-added alot more cover to spawn

-Mid has been completely reworked. (see screenshot)
-replaced a bunch of textures that were visible from the outside of the map. This fix will fix some
of my low framerate issues the map had... I believe.
-replaced the glass textures on the map with a better one
First release
Last update
King of the Hill

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