cp_torrential a2

A 2 cp ATK/DEF map set in a rainy urban area.

  1. Moonfixer
    Hello everyone,

    This is my second map: cp_torrential. It represents my first attempt at the ATK/DEF game mode. I wanted to try something different here with a route under the point that can be used by players when not occupied by the train. I'm not sure how this will work out, but I was very happy to see it come together. I have no doubt that there will be many things I need to tweak to refine the map, especially the lighting in some areas. 440_screenshots_20161224121742_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20161224121754_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20161224121806_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20161224121824_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20161224121857_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20161224121905_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20161224121917_1.jpg 440_screenshots_20161224121937_1.jpg Any helpful feedback is welcome.

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