KOTH_Floodlands A7

KOTH, king of the hpond

  1. A7 ... A7

    I changed, litterally SO many things. I don't even remember what the last version was like
  2. KOTH_Floodlands Alpha 6, bigger courtyards!

    Made a bunch of changes that I am too tired to list.

    Map is less choke-y now.
  3. Floodland A5, more health a edition.

    Added 4 health kits (2 on each side, 2 medium, 2 small)

    Added 2 ammo kits (medium, one on each side)

    Made the dropdown room more useful

    Added TRUCKS

    Made point bigger

    Corrected the respawn timer (again)

    Altered the FUN value
  4. Koth floodland_A4 but I set up the download correctly this time

    Changed map flow

    adjusted height

    shadows no longer piss colored
  5. Floodland A4, too early for fancy titles.

    Flipped the spawnrooms to alter the flow of the map

    Adjusted large side building to be a bit less tall

    Shadows are no longer piss colored
  6. Koth floodlands A3, I put the hills back where they belong.

    Reverted the hill change in A2, it was NOT my best move.

    Made the point smaller

    Added more high ground to the point

    Made the east side of the point slightly more useful

    Added a probably useful room

    Adjusted skybox

    Removed Herobrine
  7. KOTH Floodland, but I inverted the hills for game balance.

    Inverted hills so that the point is way less difficult to attack.

    Changed spawn positions

    Got rid of some empty space

    Attempted a backflip