72hr Jam 2022 koth_businesscrossers_72jam_final 72jam

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72hr Jam 2022 koth_businesscrossers_72jam_final 72jam

A war against companies.

Y'know, sometimes instead of just destroying your enemies econo[my, why not just kill 'dem! Its the most simplest way, so people don't get detracted and disturbed by your "backyard" when they are coming to your HQ. Just tell them its a construction site for both your companies to benefit. So get on the battlefield to be King of the Hill! Or King of the Economy.

My first map, including the first time I joined a 72 hour jam. Compared from other commissions I saw before writing this, they were 10x better than my stupid map. But I was watching Crash's stream while making my map, and he said that it is all about making people do stuff. So I guess I win! And I guess I'm pretty proud! My only hope is that I make more maps better this one. The map requires the Frontline pack. Maybe if the contest was not 72 hours, I would probably make the map the same quality as most maps in the contest. Any way, enjoy my map :D

By the time I got sleep yesterday, I thought up of a cool map idea. I just started working on it too :) But this time it won't be a very low worked on map :) This is also the 72 Hour version of the map. Hopefully I will work on a final final version.
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King of the Hill