koth_brandaan a5

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Official name is now Brandaan!!
-Made areas around the point and spawns bigger (also battlements)
-Walled up the small doorways of the point
-More cover under battlements
-Less cover ontop of battlements
-Changed some stuff on the left route
-Changed some healthpacks around
-Got rid of some signs and added others
-Fixed up a whole lot of brushwork and added areaportals
-More theming!!
-people can build on roofs now
-minor changes to area before the point
-minor changes to a few doorways
-minor changes to inside roof
-changed skybox
-slowly giving everything a theme
-more pride merch

Thanks Ebstro (from the tf2maps discord) for helping with the hill displacement and thanks to everyobdy for enjoying a3.
-more func_nobuild
-packed in props correctly
-tweaked a few things