koth_blockfront B1

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Change log:
  • Fixed some Texture Issues
  • Fix Exploit where people trap players in a room
  • Fixed some Clipping issues
  • No longer can build on Control Point Roof
  • Fix Red locker not Apearing

Change Log for Beta 1:
  • Added some Detailing to the map
  • Removed Clipping from the roof of the Point
  • Added Access from the roof of the point
  • More Optimization
  • Removal Of the Jump in area on point
  • Added more catwalks
  • Fixed some clipping issues
  • Removed Boxes near point
Some Sceenshots:
hl2 2018-03-09 21-45-29-15.png hl2 2018-03-10 17-56-53-93.png
hl2 2018-03-10 17-56-42-05.png