KotH Rooftop Plaza

KotH Rooftop Plaza b20

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KotH Rooftop Plaza b20

Blue and Red has infiltraded a private plaza. It just seemed like a good warzone...

Koth Rooftop Plaza Title copy.jpg

Blue and Red has infiltraded a private plaza. It just seemed like a good warzone...

I am working on a fix for the missing materials and models....

This is my first map ever, so if you have an issues, please inform me!

This map has taken at least 50 hours to make, and im still not done!
I am close to version rc1 though! It would really support me if you gave the map a run and gave me some feedback!

I'll make a trailer for it very soon!

Some Screenshots:
blue room 01.jpg blue spawn room 01.jpg blue spawn room 02.jpg cap point 01.jpg red spawn room 01.jpg red spawn room 02.jpg rooftop 01.jpg rooftop 02.jpg top room candle 01.jpg
I hope you enjoy the map! Don't be shy to give it a rating ;)
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King of the Hill

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Latest updates

  1. KotH Rooftop Plaza b20

    WOOOH! new update! and another big one! Changelog: TOO MUCH, TO EVEN MAKE A LIST OF IT! I did a livestream on my channel, making some stuff!
  2. KotH Rooftop Plaza b17

    Changelog: added more lighting fixed the triggerhurt, being completetly silent when hurting you! changed some of the lighting fixed custom textures Added to many pinup calenders... damn, my pervy teen brain!
  3. KotH Rooftop Plaza b16c (Custom Texture Fix)


Latest reviews

It's a great map for a 1st map I like it but the lighting is glitched and its very small