KOTH CliffHole A4

A King of the Hill map surrounded by cliffs.

  1. Finally not a complete redo, lol

    A4 Gameplay Changes:
    • Redid the broken high ground:
      • Added a ceiling to higher route.
      • Changed the openness of the exit from higher route to mid by adding 3 doorways.
      • Middle doorway out of higher route to mid is significantly lowered.
      • Other 2 doorways have also been lowered.
      • Slopes from mid to higher route now less extreme.
    • Changed the lower route:
      • Raised the lower route.
      • Added a building as entrance from lower...
  2. Redid the map, again

    Hopefully it's decent or something
  3. Complete Redo

    Yeah, I literally redid the entire map