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kotf_flushtown 2023-05-09

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this wasn't worth the compile time tbh
Extremely rushed. some sloppy brushwork and no optimization. I wont be able to work on this for awhile. If anyone wants to help finish this map, let me know over discord mitch#8222. The brushwork is almost entirely angled on C and D though.

Many changes to the connectors underground
+5s intel return time
Swapped A and C, but i'm probably going to change it again. lava base should be A, water base should be D.
2/8 respawntime -> 3/10 respawntime
Small changes to every base
Fixed Gamemode/Overtime
Enabled every base for capturing at the start except the enemy's
resup locker @ A
broken spawndoor @ C

tried to fix the overtime bug but was unsuccessful

i think having multiple control points ruins the koth timers but i'll be redo-ing the hud eventually to not need them