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Kemptown rc1

Fight over a fountain. A really, really nice fountain.

  1. koth_kemptown_b8

    yes I am still working on this

    * FPS improvements
    * detail improvements (ft. watergate texture blends)
    * clipping improvements
    * made the lighting less bland
    * blockbullets'd all the stairs (not sure why I didn't do this earlier but here we are)

    Control Point:
    * added func_nobuild to the fountain so you can't build minisentries in it anymore
    * the fountain particles now extinguish anyone who's on fire (experimental, might end up sucking balls)

    * smoothed out the curved road going uphill (actually phi did this, thanks phi)
    * moved small health up to the raised platform

    * changed RED's pub to look more café-like (featuring boomsta's excellent coffee machine and cash register props)

    * moved the ladder up away from the gameplay space so people don't get confused and try to climb it
    * added a crate-climby route from the mid entrance to the upstairs balcony
    * made the hidey-hole at the back even more hidey

    20160921111511_1.jpg 20160921111531_1.jpg 20160921111622_1.jpg 20160921111734_1.jpg 20160921111802_1.jpg 20160921111819_1.jpg 20160921111934_1.jpg 20160921112010_1.jpg 20160921122838_1.jpg 20160921122848_1.jpg 20160921122854_1.jpg 20160921122906_1.jpg 20160921122909_1.jpg 20160921122947_1.jpg 20160921122952_1.jpg
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